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S'poreans donated $90m in first five months of 2020, equal to whole of last year's donations

22 June 2020, The Straits Times

(Re)Imagining Singapore Night Festival

29 June 2020, Singapore Night Festival

Looking At The Four Gov't Budgets Through The Eyes Of S'pore Business Owners

17 June 2020, Vulcan Post

Trying Out Grapple MAX's New KICKOUT! Program

15 June 2020, Smark Henry Wrestling News

What's the Future of Wrestling in the Wake of COVID-19? This Digital Summit Will Give You an Idea

21 May 2020, Smark Henry Wrestling News

COVID-19 In Singapore: A Timeline Of Triumph

11 May 2020, Wonderwall

S'pore Pro Wrestlers Fight For Healthcare Workers - Literally!

25 Feb 2020, Wonderwall

Free lunch and wrestling: How Singaporeans are supporting healthcare workers

21 Feb 2020, CNA Lifestyle

Could Singapore be Wrestling's Next Great Frontier?

10 Jul 2019, Voices of Wrestling

Greg “Glorious” Ho: Elevating Singapore’s Pro Wrestling Scene Through Grapple MAX

4 December 2018, The Everyday People

"Pro Wrestling is Irrelevant", But It Didn't Stop These 2 Guys From Starting Their Own Dojo in S'pore

22 November 2018, Vulcan Post

Interview with Grapple MAX Dojo Co-Founder Dennis "The Ladykiller"

6 October 2018, StyleGuide

Grapple MAX: 50 Wild Pictures that Capture Pro Wrestling in Singapore

2 October 2018. The Everyday People

Get a dose of WWE with S'pore Wrestling Dojo Grapple MAX's first ring show on 21 Sep

20 September 2018, discoversg

Pro-Wrestling: Arcade Edition by Grapple Max (A Pro-Wrestling Collective)

24 August 2018, Singapore Night Festival

Word on the Street: Dennis “The Ladykiller” (Singapore Pro Wrestler)

22 August 2018, The Everyday People

Don’t Miss Out On Singapore Night Festival 2018’s Action-Packed Line-Up

2 August 2018, Nylon Singapore

Word on the Street: Asykal

29 May 2018, The Everyday People

I Tried My Hand At Wrestling – It’s Not What You Think

22 May 2018, YP SG

Pro-Wrestling: Performance and Artistry | A conversation with Greg Glorious, Grapple MAX

10 May 2018,

Things to do: Grapple Max Dojo Causeway Jam

12 March 2018, TimeOut Singapore

Grapple MAX Dojo’s First Anniversary Wrestling Showcase | November 10, 2017

17 November 2017, Mass Forces

Own the Mat at the Grapple Max Dojo

7 November 2017, justsaying.ASIA

Thank you for making Sing Lit Body Slam a smashing success.

8 October 2017, Sing Lit Station X Grapple Max Dojo

Get ready for a poetry smackdown

6 October 2017, the newpaper

About Sing Lit Body Slam

6 October 2017, Weekend Notes

Poets take wrestling classes for Sing Lit Body Slam

3 October 2017, The Straits Times

Poetic wrestling? Sing Lit Body Slam event aims to marry poetry and wrestling in performance art

26 September 2017, Today

How do spoken word and pro-wrestling come together?

25 September 2017, BURO

Piledrivers and poetry come together at last for the Sing Lit Body Slam!

20 September 2017, TimeOut Singapore

Roving light bulbs, pro-wrestlers on Singapore Night Festival’s second weekend

24 August 2017, Channel Newsasia

Singapore Night Festival celebrates 10th anniversary welcoming past artists

17 July 2017, bandwagon

Pole dancing, pro-wrestling return to Night Festival

13 July 2017, the newpaper

Singapore Night Festival 2017 celebrates 10 years by bringing back its popular homegrown acts

12 July 2017, AsiaOne

Grapple MAX Dojo's First Showcase!

18 April 2017, BrojectX

Get Grappling at GrappleMAX Dojo!

6 November 2016, BrojectX

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