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Be guided by our experienced team of coaches through every aspect of becoming a pro wrestler. From pro wrestling drills to performance coaching, we’ve got you covered.

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At key milestones on your journey, build your pro wrestling and professional portfolio with portrait shots taken in our fully-equipped photo/video studio.
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Grapplemax is famed for our fun, inclusive and supportive community. Our exclusive member events help you forge bonds with fellow aspiring pro wrestlers who share your dreams.
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Enjoy discounts and other benefits from our growing list of partners, specially curated by us to supplement your pro wrestling experience. Interested to join us as a partner? Contact us to learn more!

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Join us for aN INTRO session!

Ready to take that first step? Our intro sessions give you a fun, beginner-friendly preview of a Grapplemax workshop. Tuesdays and Saturdays weekly. Join us today!

For a limited time

Ready to take that first step? Our intro sessions give you a fun, beginner-friendly preview of a Grapplemax workshop. Tuesdays and Saturdays weekly. Join us today!

For a limited time

For Pro Wrestling Fans

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Grapplemax has run sold-out pro wrestling events since 2017, and we’ve grown a reputation on strong, easy to follow storylines built around quality, homegrown talent. Our shows are designed to rekindle your passion for pro wrestling, not just for yourself but for your friends and family too!

Poster for pro wrestling event - Grapplemax Amplify
Oct 2023
7:30 pm

Grapplemax Amplify

Announcing Grapplemax Amplify! Our new flagship show features more of everything our fans love – engaging narratives, thrilling in-ring encounters, and larger-than-life characters. Join us as we turn up the volume and deliver the ultimate showcase of pro wrestlers in Singapore!

In our main event, Wildfire Remus challenges Grapplemax Openweight Champion BIG DAVE in a fierce rematch from last year’s Gold Standard Tournament Final. Remus’ hunger for the title burns ever brighter, while BIG DAVE’s a battered fighting champion, boo-ed by the audience for just defending what is his.

Death-defying Simon Siah’s epic quest to face only the best opponents continues, but will challenging the returning Endboss GREGORY mean game over? The leader of Inglorious was Simon Siah’s first ever opponent – will he also be his last?

The Showtime Inc. drama continues as Kelvin gets a second chance to intern with the faction. His task: supporting a downcast Shaun P. Diddy in a tag team match involving ALL Showtime Inc. members. Can Kelvin prove his worth?

Get your ticket before 15 October and save $10!


Since 2016, Grapplemax has run over 40 pro wrestling events in Singapore. Take a walk through our history here!

Pro wrestling wristlock applied by participants at Grapplemax House Party event.

House Party: Ong Lai Edition

23 Sep 2023
Grapplemax Pro Wrestling Studios


26 Aug 2023
Grapplemax Pro Wrestling Studios

House Party: Thank You GymKraft Edition

29 Jul 2023

Settle Outside

20 May 2023
Performance Studios

House Party

29 Apr 2023

Causeway Jam 2023

in collaboration with Malaysia Pro Wrestling
11 Feb 2023

Gold Standard: The Final

in collaboration with DDT Pro Wrestling (Japan) and APAC Wrestling (Malaysia)
03 Dec 2022

Showcase: Grapplemax 6th Anniversary

29 Oct 2022

Gold Standard 2: Semi Finals

in collaboration with TOP Dojo (Thailand)
24 Sep 2022

Gold Standard: Quarter Finals

06 Aug 2023

Fight Club 3: Clarke Quay

in collaboration with Malaysia Pro Wrestling and Singapore Pro Wrestling
21 May 2022
Projector X: Riverside

FK CVD!!!: The Second Dose

09 Apr 2022


12 Feb 2022

House Party (Livestream)

05 May 2021

House Party (Livestream)

30 Apr 2021
Screencap of the Grapplemax Game Changers livestream, featuring members from the regional and Singapore pro wrestling community

Game Changers – Pro Wrestling Leaders’ Digital Summit (Livestream)

22 May 2020

House Party

20 Mar 2020

Fighting Spirit – Fundraiser for our Healthcare Workers (Livestream)

in collaboration with Community Foundation of Singapore
29 Feb 2020

Chingay Carnival (Chingay 2020)

31 Jan 2020 – 01 Feb 2020
F1 Pit Building

3rd Anniversary

in collaboration with Michinoku Pro Wrestling (Japan)
06 Dec 2019
Fight Pro-Motion

Sing Lit Body Slam: 2 Much 2 Soon

in collaboration with Sing Lit Station
29 Nov 2019 – 30 Nov 2019
Aliwal Arts Centre

GymKraft Tampines Opening Ceremony

19 Oct 2019

Showcase 11

in collaboration with New Horizons Pro Wrestling (Australia)
13 Sep 2019
Fight Pro-Motion

Showcase 10

in collaboration with DDT Pro Wrestling (Japan)
27 Jul 2019
Fight Pro-Motion

Showcase 9

in collaboration with Gatoh Move (Thailand)
11 May 2019
Fight Pro-Motion

Marina Bay Slam (ActiFIT Asia Expo)

23 Mar 2019 – 24 Mar 2019
Marina Bay Sands

Showcase 8

in collaboration with Malaysia Pro Wrestling
18 Jan 2019
Fight Pro-Motion

Shin-Kiba Showcase

in collaboration with Michinoku Pro Wrestling (Japan), DDT Pro Wrestling (Japan) and Gatoh Move (Japan)
26 Nov 2018
Shin-Kiba 1ST RING

Pop-up performance (The Greatest Acro Show)

in collaboration with Acro Polates
20 Oct 2018
Gateway Theatre

Showcase 7

19 Oct 2018
Fight Pro-Motion

Enter the Ring

in collaboration with Malaysia Pro Wrestling, Michinoku Pro Wrestling (Japan) and Philippine Wrestling Revolution
21 Sep 2018
Fight Pro-Motion

Fight Evolution 10 (Fight Pro-Motion)

in collaboration with Fight Pro-Motion
15 Sep 2018
Fight Pro-Motion

Pro Wrestling: Arcade Edition (Singapore Night Festival)

in collaboration with National Museum of Singapore
24 Aug 2018 – 25 Aug 2018
SMU Steps

Showcase 6

in collaboration with DDT Pro Wrestling (Japan), Malaysia Pro Wrestling
10 Aug 2018
Fight Pro-Motion

Showcase 5

in collaboration with New Taiwan Entertainment Wrestling
20 Jul 2018
Fight Pro-Motion

Pro Wrestling Fight Club 2: CBD Edition

in collaboration with Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation and Philippine Wrestling Revolution
11 May 2018
Core Collective

Causeway Jam

in collaboration with Malaysia Pro Wrestling
16 Mar 2018
Victory Centre

Showcase 4

in collaboration with DDT Pro Wrestling (Japan)
19 Jan 2018
Victory Centre

1st Anniversary

in collaboration with Michinoku Pro Wrestling (Japan) and Gatoh Move (Japan)
10 Nov 2017
Victory Centre

Sing Lit Body Slam

in collaboration with Sing Lit Station and National Arts Council
06 Oct 2017 – 07 Oct 2017
Aliwal Arts Centre

Night Festival Showdown (Singapore Night Festival)

in collaboration with National Museum of Singapore
24 Aug 2017 – 25 Aug 2017

Showcase 3

in collaboration with Gatoh Move (Thailand)
29 Jul 2017
Victory Centre

Pro Wrestling Fight Club

in collaboration with Malaysia Pro Wrestling
24 Jun 2017

Reactiv Opening Ceremony

25 May 2017
Victory Centre

Showcase 2

20 May 2017
Victory Centre

1st Showcase

01 Apr 2017
Victory Centre

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Our Wrestlers

Our Roster

Our roster come from all walks of life. From entrepreneurs to students, from executives to artists – everyone here has lived the dream of becoming the next Grapplemax pro wrestler. Could you be next?

Big Dave
Grapplemax Openweight Champion
Wrestle Square Cruiserweight Champion
Ban Sachak
Crypto Bro LK
Endboss Gregory
Showtime Inc
Mr D
Showtime Inc
Shaun P Diddy
Showtime Inc
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Showtime Inc
Simon Siah
Wildfire Remus
Aussie Aussie Aussie
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A Flexible Space For All Aspiring Creators

Our production studio is equipped with a 6x6m ring (the largest in Singapore), crash mats, a photo / video studio, and discussion areas. Whatever your vision, we’re here to help you realise it. Contact us to enquire about rates!

About GrappleMax

Singapore’s Fastest-Growing Pro Wrestling Community

Step into the vibrant world of Grapplemax – THE Singapore pro wrestling sensation since 2016. Join us in igniting the dreams of budding wrestling talents, while experiencing the thrill of live events that unite our Singapore pro wrestling community.

With 40+ spectacular shows to date, including collaborations with Sing Lit Station, the Singapore Night Festival, and the dazzling Chingay Carnival, we’re all about pushing boundaries. Our regular in-house events draw over 100 attendees per show, showcasing the pulse of our passionate fan base who love to watch wrestling.

Be a part of our diverse community of pro wrestlers, aged 16 to 46, spanning backgrounds from students to actors to executives. In August 2023, we expanded to our own production studio, marking a new era for Grapplemax Pro Wrestling Singapore.

Ready to be a part of this exciting journey? Your pro wrestling story begins here.

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