The world's first-ever showcase combining spoken word poetry and pro-wrestling

December, 2017

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Singapore’s top spoken word poets and pro-wrestlers go toe-to-toe in a battle of wits and agility


SINGAPORE, 25 SEPTEMBER 2017 Sing Lit Station, in collaboration with Grapple MAX Dojo, presents Sing Lit Body Slam over two evenings – 6 & 7 October. The first of its kind, Sing Lit Body Slam will see poets forming tag teams with pro-wrestlers and battling it out both verbally and physically.

The performances will feature new and original poems exclusively written by some of Singapore’s most exciting spoken word poets – Stephanie Dogfoot, Joses Ho, Joshua Ip, Rajita Jay and David Wong.

As these poets engage in a war of words on the sidelines, wrestlers from Grapple MAX Dojo will move synchronously to the verses, exchanging throws and takedowns. These wrestlers include some of Southeast Asia’s most established – Greg Glorious, Dennis “The Ladykiller” H, and Nyc “The Aerial Sniper”, amongst others. (Please refer to Annex B for profiles of poets and wrestlers.)

Joshua Ip, one of the performing poets from Sing Lit Station shared, “When it comes down to it, poetry and wrestling are both about telling a story in the most impactful way possible. The best lines hit you in the heart and wrench your gut,  just like how you wince each time a professional wrestler crashes onto the mat. Sing Lit Station has always been about pushing the boundaries of what Sing Lit can be, and we’re proud to break new ground (and possibly a few body parts) with our Grapple MAX partners. We recommend everyone consume at least two units of alcohol before attending, otherwise your minds may not be able to comprehend the sheer ridiculous awesomeness of what is going down.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Greg Ho, aka Greg Glorious, Co-Founder of Grapple MAX Dojo, said, “Grapple MAX was set up with the goal of spreading awareness of pro wrestling to new audiences. From being Singapore’s first pro wrestling-themed fitness school, to performing in unique locations such as gyms and F&B establishments, we are constantly on the lookout for exciting, unconventional ways to challenge existing preconceptions. This collaboration with Sing Lit Station was a natural extension of that goal. We’ve had a blast working with their talented team of poets, and even gave them a short pro wrestling introductory course – who knows, you might even see some of them in action in the near future!”

The poems range from a crash course for the uninitiated on pro-wrestling, to a debate over Shakespearean and contemporary love poetry, before moving into a beat-down between Sir Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar over Singapore’s history, and culminating in a language showdown between Singlish and the Queen’s English. (Please refer to Annex C for list of poems.)

Spoken word poet Ms Stephanie Dogfoot, half of the duo behind “What Is A Poem” said, “It’s never been done before, definitely not in Singapore at least. Imagine — fight choreography set to verse. If I had to describe it in two words it’d be ‘very experimental’, and I love that.”

Grapple MAX Dojo trainee, Dr Jeff Ederer, will take on the role of Sir Stamford Raffles in the Raffles vs Farquhar poem. He opined, “One reason why I joined Grapple MAX was to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I’m always looking for different ways to strive towards my development with not only wrestling, but both personal and professional growth as well. And I love being a part of new and innovative ways to help spread wrestling. This type of venue brings a whole new chapter and can open doors and possibilities for everyone.”

There will be two runs of the performance, with a Preview Night on 6 October (Friday), and a Fundraising Night on 7 October (Saturday). (Please refer to Annex A for more information.)



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About Sing Lit Station

Sing Lit Station (SLS) is a literary charity that seeks to grow the local literary community, and to build a platform for writers and readers to meet. SLS is an Institution of Public Character (IPC) and a recipient of the National Arts Council Seed Grant until 2019.

SLS runs numerous outreach programmes including Singapore Poetry Writing Month (SingPoWriMo), Writing the City, poetry flash mobs on the MRT and bus, and Singapore Poetry on The Sidewalks, our public art project featuring invisible poetry on the sidewalks, magically coming to life and made visible only during rainfall. Sing Lit Body Slam is our first multidisciplinary collaboration, and we are excited to combine the dynamism and energy of professional wrestling with the lyricism and eloquence of spoken word.

SLS also runs Book-A-Writer, a programme that provides schools with creative writing workshops held by published authors, playwrights and poets. Through our programmes and initiatives, we aim to be a platform where readers and writers meet.

More information may be found at

About Grapple MAX Dojo

Grapple MAX Dojo is Singapore’s fastest growing pro-wrestling themed fitness school. It aims to deliver pro-wrestling as a sport, and to make it more accessible to new audiences as performance art.

Founded by two of Southeast Asia’s premier wrestlers: Greg Glorious and Dennis “The Ladykiller” H., it also boasts Japanese wrestling veteran Dick Togo as its Head Advisor and Nyc “The Aerial Sniper” as one of its trainers.

It touts a “no rings, no ropes, no barriers” philosophy, with its unique syllabus borrowing elements of puroresu (Japanese pro-wrestling), which includes a combination of cardio development, strength building, coordination training and teamwork.

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