Grapple MAX Presents


Line breaks and low blows, lyric verse and leotards... What could pro-wrestling and poetry have in common? More than you think. Pro wrestling is improvised physical theatre, storytelling through a...

 7:30 pm
 October 6, 2017

Night Festival Showdown

Grapple MAX is a unique celebration of pro wrestling tradition and modern live entertainment. A refreshing change in perspective on physical theatre. No ring. No ropes. No barriers. Up close...

 7:00 pm
 August 24, 2017

Showcase III

After the riotous Pro Wrestling Fight Club in Chinatown, Grapple MAX returns to the Dojo for our third event. Since April '17, hundreds of spectators have witnessed our unique brand...

 5:00 pm
 July 29, 2017

Showcase 2

Hot on the heels of our sold out 1st Showcase, the Grapple MAX Showcase Series continues this May! Be part of the unique GP MAX live experience. Cheer on our...

 4:00 pm
 May 20, 2017

1st Showcase

It's been 6 months since we opened doors. And in that time, our first intake of students have picked up pro wrestling skills they're eager to show you. Come see...

 4:00 pm
 April 1, 2017

Dick Togo Masterclass

If you've ever wanted to train under one of the best technical pro wrestlers of our time, now's your chance - Grapple MAX Head Advisor Dick Togo is coming to...

 8:00 pm
 March 31, 2017

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