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Pro wrestling is simulated combat. A show. To entertain. Fight, but not really. Talk tough and move sharp, but never injure. The men and women of pro wrestling are a family of expressive and creative athletes who look out for each other. When everybody goes home safe and happy, everybody wins.


Grapple MAX Dojo is the pro wrestling themed fitness school you’ve been waiting for. Think about your objectives in life. Make friends? Get in shape? Captivate an audience? All of the above? You’ve come to the right place. Pro wrestling is our life. We’ve been doing it for years, and we’ve been doing it extremely well.


Grapple MAX Dojo is founded by three of Southeast Asia’s premier wrestlers. With top-in-class backgrounds in technique, acrobatics and charisma, you’ll understand why pro wrestling is where athletes become actors, and vice versa. Our promise to you is that we’ll walk with you every step of the way, till you attain self mastery.


Greg is the current World to Regional Champion of Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MYPW). He has trained with veteran Japanese wrestler Dick Togo in New Vietnam Pro Wrestling, and has also lived in Tokyo for several months to train with major Japanese company Dramatic Dream Team (DDT).

Dennis is the current Cruiserweight Champion of Wrestle Square / Kingdom Wrestling Federation (India / Thailand), and a former Extreme Division Champion of Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MYPW).

Over his 25-year career, Togo has held championships from promotions including New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) and Michinoku Pro. Western fans may also know him as the Co-Founder of the original Kai En Tai stable. Since coming out from retirement in 2016, he has continued to enjoy global success, including winning Tokyo Gurentai’s Intercontinental Tag Team Championship, and main eventing Evolve 74 in New York in a high profile victory against Chris Hero.


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